Iris Villa, Beech Hall Gardens

David Anderson

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1.     nowmap.JPG (104469 bytes)

Showing Plotlands and the surrounding area as it is today.

2.     iris map b.JPG (42426 bytes)

Showing plot / bungalow ( Blue arrow).as it was.

3.     mapx2.JPG (35500 bytes)

As above with other plots coloured to show bungalows that are featured in some of the photographs that follow: -

The following photographs were from the earliest to the most recent, although some of my dates are only educated guesses.

4.     images/Image4.JPG (28957 bytes)

Left to right: 

Henry Anderson (My Grandfather) and Mary Anderson (My Grandmother)

Photographs taken at No 8. Elderfield Road Hackney E.8.

Prior to moving to Dunton Hills.

Approx. Date: - 1939.

5.     images/Image5.JPG (22181 bytes)

This photograph is of Iris Anderson (My Aunt), daughter of Henry Anderson (My Grandfather) & Mary Anderson (My Grandmother). As you can gather the bungalow was named after her.

6.     images/Image6.JPG (45411 bytes)

Left to right: 

Henry Anderson (My Grandfather) & Mary Anderson (My Grandmother) at the fence at Iris Villa.

Approx. Date: - 1943.

7.     images/Image7.JPG (25933 bytes)

Left to right:

Arthur Anderson (My Father) / Henry Anderson (My Grandfather) / Leonard Anderson (My Uncle) / Rose Anderson (My Mother).

Date: - 1943 1945.

8.     images/Image8.JPG (30097 bytes)

Left to right: 

Tessa Anderson (My Aunt) / Mary Anderson (My Grandmother) / Rose Anderson (My Mother).

Date: - 1946.

9.     images/Image9.JPG (28155 bytes)

Mary Anderson (My Grandmother) living at Iris Villa by herself after Henry Anderson (My Grandfather) passed away in 1946.

Date: - Approx. 1946.

10. images/Image10.JPG (33561 bytes)

From left to right

Rose Anderson (My Mother) / Mary Anderson (My Grandmother) / Arthur Anderson (My Father) / Tessa Anderson (My Aunt).

See map for bungalow featured Brown plot.



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