Vera Joan:  Early Days

back   oldfront3.JPG (57545 bytes)  In the early 1930s, Mr Walter Firman stands outside the first Vera Joan with his daughters, Vera and Joan Firman.   Wendover is still just grassland.

    images/oldside.JPG (55291 bytes)  A second shed is added at the back and a canopy is built on the front of the original Vera Joan.

        bedshed.JPG (41696 bytes)  Vera Firman (seated) and her sister, Joan.

         frontview.JPG (53758 bytes)  Vera and the view across Hillcrest Avenue towards 2nd Avenue and beyond.

         vj4b.JPG (16627 bytes)  Much later, in the 1940s, Walter Firman puts the finishing touches to the kitchen extension of the final Vera Joan.