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Thanks to Nina Humphrey for these views of the Langdon Reserve,  December, 2010:
1. Indy visits the air raid shelter on the former plot of "Wendover"
2. Michelle and her dog,  Indy, on the bridleway; Crown Hill in background


Karen Seber, who now lives in the area, has  taken a series of photographs of what the various locations look like at the moment.    If you knew the area before the 1980s, you could be in for something of a surprise!!!

1k.jpg (65420 bytes)  The corner of  Forest Glade and Berry Lane.  The same point as in Deanna Walker's book, page 116.  The old Berry Lane (Shady Lane) is still there, but unfortunately there are lots of houses on one side.  To the left of this picture is what we call The Pavilion or Great Berry Open Space.

2k.jpg (59770 bytes)  This again is taken at the corner of old Forest Glade and Berry Lane, but now it's the field that we call The Pavilion.

3k.jpg (67577 bytes)  The same spot as in the last two pictures, but looking straight ahead to Berry Lane.  "Nightingales"  now crosses the lane.  This is also where Deanna was standing on page 116 of her book.

4k.jpg (38135 bytes)  View taken from old Forest Glade looking across the field (Pavilion) and on its right hand side is the old Berry Lane (Shady Lane).

5k.jpg (54767 bytes)  Old Forest Glade looking straight ahead as if going towards Beech Hall Gardens which would be on its right hand side.  These directions are taken from Deanna's maps.

6ka.JPG (80563 bytes)  The old duck pond which has been there for a long time.  If you go ahead it brings you out to Denhurst Gardens.  This pond is in between former Crest Ave. and Margaret Ave..

7k.jpg (72717 bytes)  Looking straight ahead to First Avenue - Everest would have been on the right.  Hillcrest Avenue is on the left, further on.  The path on the immediate left is a later addition and now cuts through the middle of the plots on Hillcrest Avenue, such as Vera-Joan, Wendover and Coombe Cottage.

8k.jpg (48696 bytes)  The site of  Everest 

9k.jpg (91464 bytes)  This one is a mystery to my friend Lisa and myself.  It is the remains of a house on Hillcrest Avenue.  It had an Anderson shelter further back.  It belongs to the one with a gate that has 1943 scratched on it.

10k.jpg (39828 bytes)  Third Avenue looking up from Lower Dunton Road.  The Wildlife Trust Centre is on the right hand side.

11k.jpg (46115 bytes)  The Haven,  the plotlands museum

12k.jpg (63529 bytes)  Hillcrest Avenue, taken from the top of Second Avenue looking towards Third and Fourth Avenues.

13k.jpg (89871 bytes)  The gatepost with 1943 scratched on it.  It is on Hillcrest Avenue,  near Second Avenue.

14k.jpg (81273 bytes)  Found behind the gate (above).  You can still make out the gas or water pipe sticking out.  This old plot has quite a few places with rubble to look at.

15k.jpg (61915 bytes)  Hillcrest Avenue, Vera Joan and neighbouring plot

16k.jpg (67456 bytes) Wendover and the remains of the old poplar tree with the overgrown hawthorn hedge, Vera-Joan to the left


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