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30kx.JPG (42218 bytes)   Hillcrest Avenue, looking north from the top of Fourth Avenue

31kx.JPG (60381 bytes)  The top of Fourth Avenue

21kx.JPG (65032 bytes)  Looking down Fourth Avenue from the top of Hillcrest Avenue

20kx.JPG (50128 bytes)  Looking towards Hillcrest Avenue across the garden of Hawthorn, now demolished, from Trees; still visible on the Hawthorn plot are the foundations, Anderson shelter and an old shed.

32kx.JPG (104769 bytes)  The entrance of Hawthorn

33kx.JPG (59118 bytes)  The remains of Hawthorn, showing the former foundations

1.  34kx.JPG (120392 bytes)   2.  roller2.JPG (25768 bytes)

 1.   Surviving garden roller handle from Wendover.  2, The same handle being used by Wallace Jackson in the 1940s

24kx.JPG (62712 bytes)  22kx.JPG (86736 bytes) 

 Views of the remains of a property at the top end of Fourth Avenue, Antheleen (Thanks to Mark McManus for the identification)

25kx.JPG (111879 bytes)  Steps down to the previous property

37kx.JPG (108563 bytes)  "Trees" - a plot living up to its name

1. 26kx.JPG (98822 bytes)  2.  36kx.JPG (107477 bytes)43kx.JPG (107158 bytes)  

Two Anderson shelters:  1. near Fourth Avenue;   2. Wendover

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