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40kx.JPG (113332 bytes)   Concrete fence posts: rear of Coombe Cottage/Wendover

46kx.JPG (88922 bytes)  Plotlanders' path, Third Avenue

47kx.JPG (76127 bytes)  The remains of the former plot "Endoran"  in the lower section of Third Avenue.  Nearby this plot is an old bottle-necked well.

48kx.JPG (82276 bytes)  Second Avenue looking up towards Hillcrest Avenue

49kx.JPG (125290 bytes)  These old gate posts (well I think that they are old gate posts) are located in between Second and First Avenue.  I am not quite sure what Plotland house they belonged to but they are quite near Brambleside.  It might even have been part of the big site of St. Andrews.

50kx.JPG (63245 bytes)  First Ave.  It was taken looking up towards Hillcrest Ave but much further back.   When you compare this picture to the one of First Ave in the Plotland Album it is nearly recognisable.

51kx.JPG (111523 bytes)  New path cut through the middle of plots on the east side of Hillcrest Avenue, looking from Coombe Cottage to Wendover and Vera Joan.  If you follow this path it will eventually bring you out to the side of The Chalet in Hillcrest Ave.  

52kx.JPG (129815 bytes)  There is now a path which runs through the old plotland site of Arbutus.  On the left hand side I found through the undergrowth some ruins of which looked like an old shed.  I think this might have belonged to The Cottage. 

54kx.JPG (33984 bytes) View towards the Crown Pub with the telecommunication mast on the hill and the church

 56kx.JPG (113308 bytes)  I think that this road use to be part of Alexander Road  it is between Recreation Ave and Lincewood Park Drive.   You can still see the path on the right hand side

55kx.JPG (94975 bytes)  This photo was taken on the old Egerton Drive and the corner of Recreation Avenue.  You can still make out the old paths.  There are still some old telephone posts and some intact cables 

38kx.JPG (107920 bytes)  Egerton Drive looking towards Recreation Avenue (this path is behind the top of the rec.)  

 39kb.JPG (261710 bytes)  Mollys Drive

 57kx.JPG (111490 bytes)59kx.JPG (68796 bytes)61kx.JPG (27738 bytes)62kx.JPG (43268 bytes)63kx.JPG (34698 bytes)60kx.JPG (40176 bytes)images/65kx.JPG (33886 bytes)

 Langdon Hills recreation ground

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