High Bank Estate, Dunton

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These pictures by courtesy of Deanna Walker              plan of area

Barbrook: High Bank Drive

images/barbrookx.JPG (109232 bytes)  Nell King in her garden

barbrook2x.JPG (105499 bytes)  Another view of Nell's immaculately-kept garden

Barville: Hill Top rise

barville1x.JPG (65322 bytes)  The Nye family

Bonanza:  High View Avenue

bonanzax.JPG (59355 bytes)  Mr Anderson outside Bonanza, mid 1960s

bonanza2x.JPG (58636 bytes) Badminton at Bonanza

bonanza3x.JPG (80359 bytes) Bonanza in the mid-1970s

Erma: High View Avenue

ermax.JPG (52036 bytes)

Halliford: High Bank Drive

halliford1x.JPG (77827 bytes)Glad and Deanna Darwin, early 1970s

halliford2x.JPG (85815 bytes) Halliford seen from the rear, late 1950s

lanex.JPG (110685 bytes)  

Glad and Deanna in High Bank Gardens close to Halliford's plot, early 1970s

Jdarwinx.JPG (76735 bytes)  Jack Darwin in High View Drive, 1960s

Mill Haven: Hill Top Rise

hillhavenx.JPG (85847 bytes) 

 Con Cooper mowing Mill Haven's lawn; the plot "Good View" can be seen in the background.

Sans Souci: Berry Drive

sansoucix.JPG (74182 bytes)    Seen from Berry Drive, mid 1960s


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