Dunton Plotlands


Basildon, Essex, England


The plotland area around Dunton, Laindon and Langdon Hills was very important to many hundreds of people from the 1930s to the 1970s.  Now, the best part of almost a century later, thousands of their descendants and friends continue to be fascinated by the unique sense of freedom and exhilaration they felt.   All this despite - or because of - a whole range of difficult conditions.  

We hope to be able to use these pages to enable others to acquaint themselves with something that has now completely disappeared  - and to gain some insight into why so many feel so much nostalgia  about possession of a small plot of derelict farmland on which they could build.

If you have memories or photographs of the Dunton Plotlands that you would like to share, contact Peter Jackson at:                 

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Around the Dunton Plotland
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Early Plotlands 
Last Days  
Plotlands Revisited  
Plotlanders' Reunion  
The area today
Dunton Horticultural Fur and Feather Society
Dunton Community
Dunton Sunday School Excursion


Dunton Area
Beech Hall Gardens: Iris Villa  
First Avenue: Everest
Fourth Avenue:  Anthelen

Fourth Avenue:  Varfor  

Fourth Avenue:  Violet Lodge  

Glenwood Gardens: Glenwood
High Bank Estate
Highland Gardens:  Ivy May
Hillcrest Avenue:  Clearview  
Hillcrest Avenue:  Fairview/Hilltop 
Hillcrest Avenue:  Glebe Fane
Hillcrest Avenue:  High Trees,  Four Elms
Hillcrest Avenue:  Wendover, Coombe Cottage, Vera Joan
Hilltop Rise: Rose Villa 
Beech Hall Gardens: Lendon  
Lower Dunton Road:  St Elmo  
Lower Dunton Road:  General Stores  
Lower Dunton Road:  Haystack
Margaret Avenue:  Eleanor
Margaret Avenue:  Highfield
The Old Rectory
Ronald Avenue:  Peacehaven
Second Avenue: Ashcroft
Second Avenue: miscellaneous around area
Sunnyside Gardens:  Briarley
Third Avenue: The Haven
Third Avenue: Mandalay


Laindon/Langdon Hills
Alexandra Road: Spion Kop
Bedford Avenue
Berry Lane: Hawthorn  
Dunton Drive: Malvern
Dunton Drive: Retlaw
Dry Street area
Helmore Crescent: Davos: Tetherdown
Lincewood Park Drive: Joyland
New Avenue, Langdon Hills: Hill View
Old Church Hill, Langdon Hills
Sidney Road:  Westholme
Sylvan Road:  Jessica
Victory Avenue: Beresford
Victoria Road:  The Lens  
Victory Avenue: Lilac
Victoria Road: Valhalla