Carole Devlin:  "Jessica",  Sylvan Road,  Laindon

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Carole Devlin's family owned a plot of land in Laindon from about 1938 that they called "Jessica" after Carole's mother.   After it was made subject to a compulsory purchase order in the 1960s, the land was acquired, in Carole's words, " for a few hundred pounds".   Basildon  Development Corporation had stated an initial intention of building a college or hospital on the site but eventually sold the immediate area to private developers who built a housing estate.    Mandeville Way (B1036)  now occupies the former site of "Jessica" and Sylvan Road.

The bungalow had no electricity or running water and backed onto the railway track.  Carole recalls that many people had wonderful times at "Jessica".  If there were too many visitors for the bungalow's two rooms and lean-to, the family would put a ridge tent on the front lawn for the overspill. 



"Jessica", Sylvan Road, mid 1950s after the addition of the new veranda



Carole, 1 year old, at "Jessica", Sylvan Road, Laindon 1950