David Gowlett:  Retlaw, Dunton Drive, Laindon

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David Gowlett's grandfather, Walter Leech, purchased Retlaw in about 1920.   David was born in 1947 at Retlaw and lived there until 1969.

For about four years from 1960 he had a paper round which ran from Dunton primary school to Doesgate Lane,  including Church Road and all the avenues.

The Dunton Horticultural, Fur and Feather Society was run in the hall that is now the caravan site and later moved to the hall in Church Road, Dunton.

The Society's year books contain many local trade adverts from that time.

David's mother, Mrs G. Gowlett, had the idea of becoming a Trustee of the Dunton Hall and Entertainments Committee as she thought that  these might still have assets either in the bank or connected with the land at the back of Dunton primary school, the site of a hall that had burnt down.    These would have been useful assets to go back to the local community.   However,  after initial enquiries, she took the matter no further.

Dunton Horticultural Fur and Feather Society Year Book 1948

Dunton Horticultural Fur and Feather Society Year Book 1949










Sarahville - seen from Retlaw




From the Dunton Horticultural Fur and Feather Society Year Book 1948





The front room of Hawthorn, Hillcrest Avenue

Left to right: Tom Burke senior ("Pop"), David Gowlett, Tom Burke junior, Louie Burke, Gladys Gowlett



Maureen Wiggins (who lived on the corner of Dunton Drive and Worthing Road)

with David Gowlett and his dog, Ruf, at Retlaw





Mrs G. Gowlett's ARP authorisation card



On a Dunton Horticultural Society outing . . .

Left to right:  Jim Robertson, Fred Gowlett, Pam Robertson, Joan Robertson (sitting), Gladys Gowlett, Jack Lambert,

Bill Lambert (sitting)

Jack Lambert was awarded the MBE for his work with the St John Ambulance service during the Canvey floods of 1952.    Jack and Bill Lambert lived at Adastra, Merrylands Road, Laindon.

Jim and Joan Robertson ran the Invicta Stores, Worthing Road, Laindon.  Later in the 1970s they took over The Victory Stores in Berry Lane, formerly owned by Mr and Mrs Lungley.





The marriage of Gladys Louise Leech and Henry Gowlett on 27th December, 1941, at the church of St Mary the Virgin  Dunton



Former Langdon Hills Church




Former Langdon Hills Church



St Mary and All Saints, Langdon Hills, built in 1876 to replace the former church on Old Church Hill

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